Turn to the One Who Never Turns

This morning our worship band was playing a song singing an old Vineyard song, “Father of Lights.” One of the lyrics caught me. They say this: Father of Lights, You never change. You have no turning.

Our band has been playing that song forever. Today was the first time it caught me. The struggle we face in this life is one of constant turning. We will never get it right in this life, we just won’t. Everyday I wake up in the knowledge that I have to turn back to Him. There is always something that we all have to acknowledge we did our way. It isn’t just that we may have committed one of the “don’t s.” We find our self not doing the “do’s.” So I have to acknowledge I might be currently facing my way and not His. So, I turn toward Him. What makes God amazing to me is that He NEVER turns. When I am going my own way I know that if I turn around, there He is. I don’t have to wonder where He might have gone, which way He might be facing. He is ALWAYS the same. I on the other hand have to constantly be evaluating my position to Him. That is what repentance is all about, turning. When I find myself facing away from God I repent or turn back toward Him.
Father of Lights, You never change. You Have no turning. Praise God for that.

Tomorrow – What constants do I have in my life to help with the turning?

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