My Son…

One of the character traits I love most about my son is that he thinks he can do anything.  It is not uncommon to find my three year old, Peyton, standing on the furniture readying himself for a colossal leap.  I find myself trying to balance keeping him safe with allowing his adventurous spirit to sour. 

When I find Peyton in a situation where he might get hurt, I will caution him of the dangers or potential injuries he might incur.  That conversation usually ends with him explaining what he will do if he begins to fall.  His explanation always consists of some sort of martial arts move that will quickly flip him from danger.  I will then caution him about how difficult that would be.  He ALWAYS responds by saying, “So?”

I wonder what happened to my “So?”  At what point in my life did something happen that made me believe otherwise?  I find that I will sit back and talk myself out of doing something that God is calling me to do because I might get hurt or it may be uncomfortable.  The leaders that God uses listen to God-sized moves and position accordingly regardless of the “dangers.”  

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