Extended Sabbath

This weekend, I am on extended Sabbath.  As we are preparing to launch Connexion, it was, as I like to say, "last chance for gas."  This will be the last respite for a while.  We are spending the Thanksgiving holiday with both sets of parents in Illinois.  Today (Thanksgiving Day), we are with my parents and my … Continue reading Extended Sabbath


Too Deep?

This weekend I will be finishing up our little mini-series on being deep.  Last week we talked about being "Two Deep" in our ministry.  We want each person at Connexion to reproduce themselves by investing in the ministry of someone else.  This week we will be talking about being all in with the mission of … Continue reading Too Deep?

Camp Rules!

Even though my main responsiblity is discipleship and small groups, I am what you might call a "utility player."  I dabble in a lot of different areas in the form of hobbies and in ministry.  I led worship for four years before shifting my focus and every summer I get to go back to my … Continue reading Camp Rules!