About Jason Gordon


I follow Jesus Christ. I am a husband, dad and pastor. I believe with everything in me that God is calling His Church to be a FAMILY again and that revival is COMING.

I’d love to connect.

7 responses to “About Jason Gordon”

  1. Saw you are contributing to the small group exchange. I am as well. Looking forward to hearing what God is up to there at Brady Lane

  2. Jason,

    Hi! I ran into this website while I was searching the Internet for information about Bluefish TV.

    I am the new pastor of a mainline church, and am trying to start a small group ministry here. It is my conviction that the church cannot move forward unless it is driven by the energy of all people in the church, leaders and congregation.

    Any experience with Bluefish TV? Their stuff looks very good, and accessible for all. It looks like it would be great stuff to get discussion going.

    Searching for help,

    Pastor Michael

  3. hey jason!!! thought of you more than once last week…see i was at camp & the leader’s name is jason sell…u two are pretty similar actually..its funny & creepy all at once 😛 but we were having reflection one day & i randomly decided to turn to the back of my Bible & guess wat i found?? a letter u sent me at camp a couple years ago….& this is wat it said:
    How is camp? I hope it is tons of fun. Pretty hot, huh? Remember to let God be the center of your week-maybe it will be life changing! See you Sunday!

    thanks for being there jason….then & now 😀 missin u & the kids so stay in touch!!!

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