Looking for Peace…in all the wrong places.

In every space in which I’ve been a part of discussions surrounding our series, “What’s So Great About Jesus?” – I’ve heard over and over, stories of people looking everywhere for peace.

Peace is in short supply. We aren’t going to find it in Downtown Austin or Washington DC. Let’s get real. We aren’t even finding it in Cedar Park City Hall right now. Divisiveness and noise has become the place from which our culture operates. We aren’t finding peace at work. There is always something hitting the fan. It is like running fire drills for 60 hours a week. The other 108 hours of the week are spent navigating family pressures of schedules, financial burdens and relational breakdowns.

Where is the peace?

Peace is in short supply because, as Pastor Will said, “We aren’t plugged into the life source.” Remember back in Week 1? Life. Jesus said that He was bringing us life and the type of life he brings is in abundance. Before you start jabbing your computer or phone screen with your car keys – hear me out. There is no doubt, this life we are living on the other side of Genesis 3, is hard. Wow…so hard. All the things we discussed above happen. They don’t just disappear because we’re plugged into the life Jesus offers, but how we think, feel and react to those things should be impacted by our proximity to Jesus.

This question keeps rolling around in my head after these first two weeks – How close do we have to be to Jesus to be plugged in? I think that is essentially the pivotal question for those of us who know Jesus to be who he says he is as we walk through this series.

Because Jesus gives what Jesus is, we can’t just treat him like a buffet line. Since Jesus is peace he gives peace, but you won’t find the peace you’re looking for without being close enough to be plugged into the life he brings.

James, Jesus’ brother wrote these words:

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world. 

James 4:8 New Living Translation

That’s a promise. Proximity matters. If we come close, he will be close. One last thing. James says, “for your loyalty is divided between God and the world.” There may be no truer statement about where we are right now than that.

Peace comes from proximity with the one who gives us life. Peace is found in the presence of the One Who is Peace.

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