Do not be conformed…

I know that I lack perspective on such things, but I am not sure that this phrase: “Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world…” has had more importance than in the time we now live.

This past Sunday, Pastor Will walked us through a difficult, yet important moment – understanding God’s intention for sex. This may be a weird thing to do in a blog post, but before you continue reading this post, I need you to watch the entire message if you haven’t already done so…

…ok. Breathe. This is so important for us as people of the Way of Jesus. We have to model for the world around us a different way – a better way. Even more, our people – spouses, kids, family, neighbors, co-workers – they need us to be the light that shines the way to the path of healing and guarding of our spirits in the area of sex.

I think we have allowed ourselves to believe that God is too old-school for us. That he is just a kill-joy, the bringer of misery. We believe that God is out to ruin all enjoyment for us in life. Truth be told, God simply wants all of us. He knows that our full surrender, under the Lordship of Christ. is the only thing that brings peace. Our problem becomes when we believe that the universe revolves around us – including God. We believe he exists to glorify us and our desires. The reality of the Kingdom is that we exist for His glory.

I’ve been here. I spent way too much time in my life making these mistakes. The more I give the Spirit room to maneuver in my heart and life, the more I realize that He is transforming me to literally be a reflection of His glory. When I am a reflection of His glory, I begin to call out his glory in others. If I fall back into old patterns of selfishness, I am only concerned about my own glory and personal fulfillment. When that happens – I use others for my selfish purposes.

So what now? I am convicted, not only to share my healing in this area of my life – but to scream at the top of my lungs to my son his divine purpose. I pray my son would know his Heavenly Father’s love for him and his calling to be a man who calls out God’s glory in his sisters in Christ, not to use them up for his selfish purpose. Men of God, we are to be the protectors of His daughters – Not just our daughters…ALL DAUGHTERS. Let’s call out the beauty of divine purpose in His daughters, not use and abuse it for our own gratification.
I want to convey to my daughter that she is a treasure. If anyone has ungodly intentions for her treasure – the Spirit would remind her who she is in Him. I pray that she has the spiritual strength to stand against it, to reject the lie the enemy tries to sell – that she has to compromise her treasure to receive love.

God is calling us to something higher. Paul strongly encouraged us to not conform to the pattern of this world. Let’s submit our minds to God’s glory and live the transformation God is doing in us.

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