The Challenge of Living in Transition

We spend so much of our lives planning stuff. We plan everything from entire days to trips to the grocery store. There’s a part of our culture that looks at you kinda funny if your life isn’t all planned out and shiny bright. We say things like, “When I get into my dream home…” or “When I get my stuff together, then I can get married.”

I have spent the better part of the last four years in perpetual transition. Relationships, homes, money, jobs, churches…LIFE. IN. TRANSITION.

I keep thinking, “When I finally get into that perfect job opportunity, in that perfect place, with that perfect person, life will be back to normal.” I’ve spent time reluctant to build strong relationships and plant roots because life didn’t feel normal.

But, the more I yearn for normal, the more I realize that Jesus is calling me to a normal that is comfortable in transition. So maybe the challenge of living in transition is actually being ok with living in transition.

What do you think?

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