Looking Back and Looking Forward

I was looking through some boxes I have in storage tonight. At times, looking through old stuff  can be fun. You find things that you haven’t seen in years. It brings back great memories. On the other hand, looking through old stuff can stir up old stuff that hurts.

Tonight, I found an old Moleskin that I would use to write notes in for all kinds of ideas, meeting notes and such. In that notebook, I found a list of life goals that I wrote several years back. This list is a mixed bag of great memories and old stuff that hurts.

I thought maybe I could list them here and celebrate the great stuff and verbalize the tough stuff.

Life Goals

– Cultivate 100 or more small group leadership relationships.

This goal has not yet come to completion. At first glance it seemed that this would be impossible since I am no longer in full-time ministry, but I’ve realized I haven’t taken advantage of my personal relationships and or shown enough initiative in my leadership.

– See my kids accept Christ and baptize them.

I love this one. I love even more that I’ve gotten the opportunity to help my kids go public in their faith through baptism.

– Live a healthy lifestyle so God can better use me.

I am in process on this one. I’ve begun running and watching what I’m eating. A work in progress.

– Write a book.

Wow. I remember when I wrote this down. Writing was a huge part of my life in a time past but it has definitely taken a looooong break. I’d love to resurrect this goal.

– Continually grow in Christ.

I can say I haven’t exactly done this very well. Sometimes it feels like 2 steps forward, one step back. Who am I kidding, its probably been one step forward and two steps back. On the bright side, I have realized my great need to be continually discipled.

– Cultivate a deeper relationship with my wife every day. 

This one is the hardest to look back on now, over three years removed from my divorce. That relationship is gone and I have to live with the fact that I did a poor job of realizing that goal.

– Invest in the lives of my kids so they might re-invest in the lives of others.

My kids are amazing. I love them more than I can express in words. I want to pour myself into them and teach them what it means to pour into those around them. I want them to become people who give, not take.

– Continually cultivate relationships with people not like me.

Shamefully, I confess I have done a poor job of this. I need more of God’s heart in my heart. I need His eyes.

– Read the Bible cover to cover every year. 

I haven’t made this goal yet but I’m working toward it.

– Lead with a “yes”

Leadership fails when we hold down the gifts of others and make ministry some bottleneck of meetings, committees and permission. I want to be a leader that leads with a YES! I want to be a leader who encourages and doesn’t discourage. I want t be a leader that empowers dreams, not kills them.

What goals do you have? Where are you in achieving them?

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