Where the Love Lasts Forever

Last night at my church, we had an amazing night of worship. We spent time praising our God, praying for our kids, our country and our church.

At one point we sang the Hillsong United tune, “Where the Love Lasts Forever.”

I think the lyrics of this song are some of my favorite. While we were singing the song last night the sense came over me, like God was covering me in a message that went something like this:

No matter who you may hurt or who may hurt you, your heart is safe with me.


My love lasts FOREVER.

…and as I’ve thought about this I believe this also to be true: The truth that my heart is safe in God’s hands frees me to love without condition here and now.

What truth is God telling you that you need to grasp a hold of and claim for your life?

2 responses to “Where the Love Lasts Forever”

  1. My heart is safe in God’s hands….I needed to hear this tonight. On the edge of something new and I’m feeling a little scared. I don’t want to get hurt again. But my heart is safe in God’s hands and as long as i keep placing it there I will be okay no matter what happens.

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed it. 🙂

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