Finding Time

One of my biggest frustrations is finding the balance between getting the right amount of sleep at night, and doing reading and writing that I can’t do during the day.

What ways have you found to keep your needs and passions in the right balance?

One response to “Finding Time”

  1. I carry the books I am reading and my journal/notebook with me all the time. I never know when I might get a few minutes to read or write. Sometimes I’ll get desperate and do the book-on-tape thing in the car (well, CD or mp3!) but not very often. And I turn off the tv.

    I also stay up way too late and find myself writing until the wee hours of the morning and then drinking copious amounts of caffeine the next day. So I am still working on the whole balance thing.

    I would LOVE a job where I could spend my day reading, thinking, discussing ideas and thoughts with others, writing and loving on people. That would be my dream job. But for now I just grab every moment I can and use it as best I can.

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