What is normal?

I am often reading multiple books at one time (The books I am currently reading always shown on the bottom right panel of the blog). One of the books I am reading right now is Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick (@stevenfurtick). He poses a question in the first few pages of this book that is totally wrecking me right now.

…maybe instead of trying to figure out all the technical answers (read Joshua 10), we should be asking a more relevant question: could it be that God intends for us to have the same kind of audacious faith – the kind of faith that dares to believe God for the impossible – as a normal way of life?

Share with me…What are your thoughts about this?

2 responses to “What is normal?”

  1. Sometimes the struggle of faith comes down to a relinquishing of control. Things that take a little faith are usually manageable under our own skills or abilities. When it comes to being called to make a huge step out on faith then it is no longer in the realm of personal control or skills and we are left having to trust God to act in a supernatural way. When it is His calling and His will then He will provide or move in a way to accomplish it. A friend recently told me over coffee “God doesn’t order it up and not pay for it.”

  2. Great question. I think we water our lives down with needing to know all the time or over preparing. There is a drive for logic and not faith.

    I really want my life to be different in every way. Believing first in the illogical, and even assuming it, is what i want.

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