When it comes to certain things, I am awful at remembering. I have to connect a fact about a person to their name to remember it.  I can remember movie quotes but sometimes can’t remember what movies they came from. And sometimes my faith struggles because I move on in life and easily forget the amazing things God has done for me.

Have you been there? Ever dwell on the negative things that happen in life instead of remembering the amazing ways God has been overwhelmingly faithful in the past.

Pete Wilson, Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville and author, says in his book, “Plan B,”
…If you don’t remember God’s past faithfulness, you’re going to have a hard time trusting him when you’re up against the wall.

I too often find myself struggling with my present circumstances or prospects for the future because I fail to remember the greatness of God’s character and the faithfulness of His promises. When I stop to think about it, when I revisit my altars of remembrance, I see I AM being who He is…Always being faithful. Now it is finding my way to the altar with my back against the wall.

What altars of remembrance can you go back to when you’re up against the wall of life?

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