Sunday Reflections

At Lifepoint Fellowship, Pastor Steve Trammell is teaching in a series named, “Primal”.  Primal is all about getting back to the essence of true Christianity by loving God and loving people. 

We are exploring how we can actually get back to the most basic principles Jesus taught.  Here are some notes on today’s message:

Today’s message focused on how we can better love God with all our soul by…

1. Maintaining a sense of wonder.

We have to get back to a child-like wonder, especially in our spiritual lives.

“We are no longer in awe of this God.” Steve Trammell

2. Loving His Word.

It’s not just about reading and learning more about God, it is all about LOVING hearing from God through His Word.

“I don’t need more information, I need more transformation.” Steve Trammell

3. Living well.

The best translation of God’s words is us living a life of faith.



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