Weekend Reflections…

– I got to spend everyday last week with my two kids and feel so blessed because of it.  Constantly reminded that everyday that goes by is one less I have to invest in them.

– The kids start school tomorrow and I have a responsibility to be in continuous prayer for them as Abbie goes back to start 3rd grade and Peyton starts school for the first time in Kindergarten.

– Many churches are gearing up to kick-off a new season of ministry, but more specifically, small groups.  This morning, Steve Trammell at Lifepoint Fellowship Church in Tyler continued their series on “Better Together”.  I have been involved with many community series over the years either as a hearer, or as the deliverer of the message.  Today’s message dealt with healthy conflict management from a Biblical perspective.  I have spent years training leaders to deal with conflict in small groups, yet I don’t think I’ve ever delivered a message to the body in the context of starting community groups.  There is no better time and no better audience to bring this message.  We can vastly improve group life, community life, if we teach people how to deal with conflict in relationships before the relationships even develop.

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