Goodbye Lafayette, Indiana – Hello Longview, Texas…

Wow!  The last several months have been a whirlwind!  A few months ago, I announced to my church family at Connexion that at the end of March I would be leaving my position here.  So many amazing experiences have been had in the process of planting Connexion here in Lafayette and I will value every memory for the rest of my life.

I love Connexion and all of the people who have walked through the doors since we opened in March of ’09.  I wish I was going to be around to see what God has in store for season two firsthand!

But, it is time for a new chapter in my life.  Easter weekend I will be moving to Longview, Texas to start that new chapter.  Longview is a community a lot like Lafayette in many ways actually and I like that.  While visiting there this last week, I found an awesome church that reminds me a lot of Connexion!  Lifepoint Church wants to see those who are far from God find Him.  I am still searching for the right employment opportunity for me there, but I know that God will take care of me! I would appreciate your prayers as I transition into this new chapter!

I will continue to utilize jasongordon[dot]org as a place to post on leadership, life, and being a follower of Christ.

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