Most annoying inventions

Are there things that your kids play with that just annoy you? There are items that I just can’t stand…

1. Play Doh
This stuff just makes me mad. It crumbles all over the floor and sticks to it!

2. Moon Sand
This stuff is like Play Doh only 100 times worse!

3. Kids Meal Toys
Seriously, how many Hello Kitty toys does one kid need?

4. Baby Alive
I had two kids who pooped their pants, & I successfully taught them to use the toliet. Who wants a piece of plastic you feed SO it poops in it’s pants for all time?

What are your least favorite toys?

3 responses to “Most annoying inventions”

  1. Sorry about the Moon Sand…but it WAS on the parent approved Christmas list. 🙂

    Abbie seems to enjoy changing the “poopy” diapers on her Baby Alive….but then she’s not had to do the real thing. I think I’m with you…rather just hold the baby doll and pretend.

  2. Polly Pockets… Yes my daughter has a million of them, but I find little shoes and purses and who knows what EVERYWHERE!!

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