Instant gratification.  We all want it.  I actually just had microwave popcorn.  Our culture is feeding our desire for it.  We’ve let our microwaved culture seep into the church.  I know I’ve let it in my life.  I carry my iPhone everywhere.  I get my email in my pocket at all times.  I’ve let it infiltrate my ministry.  I mean, I say all the right things.  As a church planter, I say “Being a part of starting a new church takes time.”  Yet, in my mind I get frustrated when people don’t show up, when we can’t seem to get our heads above water in some areas that need the bar raised.  I get frustrated by my own inabaility to lead through some of these struggles effectively everytime.

We get this idea that ministry is “Chia-church.”  You go get the prepared pot with the seed spread and then add water and PRESTO! successful ministry.  It takes faith.  It takes great amounts of prayer.  I know I have been guilty of doing ministry in seasons on my own.  Its no wonder its a struggle.  I am constantly reminded that I don’t do anything on my own power.

How have you struggled with ministry under your own strength?

2 responses to “Chia-Church”

  1. Some people are also just assuming that the package said “giant oak” when maybe all it said was “medium-sized bush.”

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