Growing in 2009…Less TV more value

EVERYTHING in my life will benefit if I watch less TV every week and do more of everything else in my life.  I will exchange TV for more reading, more time spent with my kids, more time with my wife, more time being healthy.

I am going to watch only a handful of TV shows every week from now on.  The shows I can’t live without right now are:

1. 24
2. Bones
4. Lost
5. The Office

What TV shows are can’t miss for you?  What could you cut out for more quality things?

4 responses to “Growing in 2009…Less TV more value”

  1. Have to agree with you on NCIS…it’s must see TV at our house too.

    Also agree with you that we need to read more, watch less. The tv habit can be hard to break. As I look at my life though, I have to measure what I want to accomplish. Do I want to say I watched a ton of tv or do I want to have done something that had some value?

    Good for you on your goals

  2. Good to know another “lost” follower. Jason and I are all about that show. I just wish it would run during the regular season.

    Our must haves are:
    The Office
    Biggest Loser (only me, not Jason)

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