Video Teaching

This weekend, we are experimenting.  We want to know how our people will respond.  We want to try something we have never tried before.  We are teaching via video this weekend.  Our lead minister, Jason Hight came to me about a month ago and ask me what I thought about trying video teaching for this weekend.  I told him that I thought we should try it.  We value risk at Connexion.  We see status quo as being more risky than risk.  We believe God is calling us to be a reproducing church.  We believe that eventually we will be multi-site.  We want to know if our people are receptive to video teaching.  So, the by-product of this experiment is that Jason gets to be gone this weekend with his family for a much needed break and I don’t have to prep a message for the third straight week.

Have you used video teaching?  What response did it get from your people?  What can we expect?

One response to “Video Teaching”

  1. I’m curious to know how the video teaching was received at your church. I am a video producer for Seacost Church in Charleston, SC where we do video teaching weekly at 13 different campuses in 3 different states.

    I’m a firm believer in using video as a tool to reach people for Christ. Whether its short video segments within a sermon, or an entire sermon on video.

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