Help Wanted…

A few weeks ago, I joined the team at Connexion Christian Ministries, a new church plant that is launching in March.  We are looking for some part-time team members to join us as well.  Here is a rundown of what we are looking for:

  • Worship Leader – We are looking for someone who sees the same vision we see and can translate that into a meaningful worship experience for people at different places in the journey with Christ.  We are looking for someone who has guitar skills and that is a good vocal leader.  Notice I said vocal leader.  We aren’t looking for a rock band frontman.  We are looking for someone who can vocally lead people in worship –  someone who can be the lead worshiper, not fill the spotlight at center stage.
  • Children’s Minister – We are looking for someone who has a passion for seeing children ages birth to fifth grade begin their journey in discovering Christ.  We are looking for someone who can teach kids and lead volunteers to accomplish the mission of reaching the unreached and connecting the unconnected children of our community.  Organization is key in this role.
  • Hispanic Minister – We are looking for someone who has a passion for reaching the Hispanic population here that can come alongside our current Hispanic missionary to provide greater care and connection to those involved in our Hispanic ministry.  We want to raise the level at which we can reach the unreached and connect the unconnected in our Hispanic community.  Speaking Spanish is a must.

All of these positions can be full-time if the right candidate is willing to raise the needed support to come on board full-time.  Staffing the right team is crucial for the success of our ministry. We want to create a team that equips people for ministry not put into place a silo leader that does everything and never “cross-pollinates” other ministries with their creativity and feedback.

What challenges have you found in staffing the right team over getting the right person in the proper silo?

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Your article Community Planting is now live on Small Group Exchange. You can find it under your bio. Soon, we will have an articles landing page where you’ll be able to search by author and topic. The real full launch of the site is expected in January. Thanks again for your contribution. Feel free to refer any other small groups gurus and writers to the site. God Bless.

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