Asking the Extra Question

Let’s be honest, small group studies can be boring.  Don’t get me wrong, there are fantastic studies out there that will lead some of us on to the next step of our journey all by themselves (with the Holy Spirit, of course!).  But, most studies are written for the broadest audience possible and by doing that miss the mark for most.

What can make or break a small group gathering is a facilitator’s ability to “ask the extra question”.  Asking the extra question is all about going off the page.  It is all about doing preparation for facilitating the group discussion.  It is about allowing yourself to be connected to the prompting of the Holy Spirit’s leading as you lead the discussion.

Its that extra question that could be the difference between the single mom with relationship issues finally breaking free from the chains that strangle her or continuing to allow them to break her.  Each of us that has led a group knows when the question comes.  We’ve heard it in our heads but couldn’t get our mouths to say it.  Personally, I have been able to convince myself not to ask the question because I was afraid of the reaction I might get, or what if no one answers.  I have come to understand that not asking the extra question is more damaging than asking the extra question that might make people feel uncomfortable.  At some point groups have to move beyond the nicey-nice stuff and onto real community.  The extra question is key to helping people move beyond their baggage and onto the life Christ has for each person.

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