I was reminded today of a question I heard Mark Batterson ask back in May.  He said, “When was the last time you confessed the smallness of your dreams?”  He later said, “We find ourselves in danger when we start doing ministry out of memory instead of imagination.”

Dreams are important.  God has always given his people dreams.  He wants to bring those dreams to life through us.

Heather Zempel works with Mark at National Community Church as the Discipleship Pastor.  Last week on her blog she said,

A few years ago, I prayed a prayer that I was reminded of recently. Our staff was praying about the future of NCC, and I prayed that God would “make us a dream factory.” I desired that we would dream the dreams of God’s heart for our city and the people he was bringing to us.

I want to dream the dreams of God’s heart!  I want my heart to beat in tandum with God’s.  I want to chase after what God is chasing after.  I want to “dream the dreams of God’s heart” for MY city.  How many of us are doing that?  I am.

2 responses to “Dreaming”

  1. Great post Jason. I am guilty of dreaming small or even worse being afraid to dare to dream at all. Sometimes the fear of being called to something beyond where we are comfortable keeps us from daring to dream. I know that’s where I walk far too often.

    Thanks for the reminder and the challenge.

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