Random thoughts on our weekend…

Overall I would say we had a pretty good weekend:

  • Friday night we hung out at our office manager’s home.  We picked blackberries (nothing better in the summer than fresh and free blackberries), ate pizza together, and talked about life.
  • Saturday we did some various yardwork and resting.
  • Watch some of the Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus concert on Disney Channel with the kids Saturday night.  That is, until Abbie got mad when she realized that 3D didn’t mean Miley Cyrus would be REALLY performing in our living room.
  • Our almost 4 year old, Peyton is going through a phone phase right now.  I think he called both sets of grandparents and his Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Patty this weekend without permission, multiple times.
  • One of the folks at church blessed us Sunday with a cash gift for lunch.
  • We ate at Don Pablo’s…I love that place and kids eat free on Sundays this summer.
  • I spent some time with a family from our church who experienced a tragedy in their lives this week.  Pray for them – would you?
  • Went to the pool with the entire family Sunday afternoon…it was a blast!
  • Ate at the Igloo, a frozen custard place here in town.  Good food in that outdoor patio, carhop kind of style.
  • Watched the movie “Definitely Maybe” with Katie last night.  Pretty good movie, for a chick flick.  Still want to see Batman…maybe the willingness to watch the chick flick movie with Katie will get me points for Batman.

Like I said, good weekend.  Mondays are my days off right now and that means the weekend continues.  Today we have dentist appointments, haircuts, and pottery painting planned.  Looking forward to it!  I love spending time with my family.

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