Vision Leads

I have been struggling lately with how God really wants to use me in this mission of His.  The Holy Spirit has been challenging me with a ton lately, but I have had a hard time piecing it all together until recently.  My mother-in-law shared with us a quote of Andy Stanley from the video series, “The Big Picture.”  Andy Stanley says,

As the vision gets clearer, the options get fewer and the decision gets easier.

God has been clearing my vision over the course of about six months.  To say that my vision was murky early on is an understatement.  God was clear in his call, I was muddying the vision with questions and details.  Not that details are bad or that asking questions are bad, but I think for me specifically, I was letting that stuff be an excuse to not do something God was asking of me.

It is amazing to see how God has been faithful to the vision even through my indecision and, frankly, my doubt.  I have asked things of God and even though he didn’t have to, He has answered.

The question I want to ask is, Does vision lead your life and ministry?  I am learning that I can no longer just walk my own way “in Christ.”  I have been doing my thing doing the right things.  Meaning, I have been making my own decisions while being a “good Christian” instead of walking fearlessly into the unknown following after Jesus.  That’s what I want.  Stay tuned.

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