Summer Life

Tonight, we kicked off our Summer Life groups.  Summer Life is a series of groups that offer a specific study topic for a specific period of weeks.  Summer Life allows us to challenge folks who have yet to catch the community vision to give it a try for six weeks.

Tonight I started my Foundational Truths group and we had a GREAT night.  I loved getting to know folks I hadn’t hung out with very much.  That is the great thing about new groups and short-term groups.  They give people a chance who are already in groups to rub elbows with folks they don’t know.  The more authentic relationships our people find within the Body, the more support they find and the stronger the connection to Christ.

Katie had a great women’s small group tonight too!  We are actually offering her topic in two separate groups.  She is leading an AM group and a PM group every week.  We have had the ladies in our church knocking down the door to get in this group.  I think we really struck a nerve offering a group for women about finding significance.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through these groups for the next six weeks.

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