My – Money

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I was old enough to understand that that green paper with the pictures of dead Presidents and important people could get me what I wanted, I wanted to get what I wanted. Right now I can visualize the feeling of having paper money in my hand. My dad used to say to me, “That money is burning a whole in your pocket!” Why is it that the first thing I think about when I get extra money or unexpected cash, is how I can spend it on myself? Honestly, I have struggled with this.

I believe over the course of about a year God has brought people in my path to challenge me on this and these folks are not the ones you might think they they are. Honestly, if I have a problem with money, who would God bring into my life? The late Larry Burkett? Dave Ramsey? Joe Sangl? Nah. God brings “guy who can’t pay his electric bill.” “Lady who can’t put gas in her car.” God brings crying “lady who can’t afford to buy her son a Halloween costume (please read on before you blast me in the comments).” He sends “Guy who is getting his life on track and only needs the registration fee for a new start to get his college degree.” It actually started small. I thought, “ah yeah I can help with that.” Then, it was like these folks were passing my name around town. “Call Jason, he helps people.” Who, me? God is “punching me in the throat” (thanks, Perry).

God has challenged me with this lesson (in conversation form):
God: Help that guy.
Me: But God I don’t know what he’s gonna do with it.
God: I don’t care…I told you to help him.
Me: But…
God: Are you deaf? Let me take care of WHAT he does with it. I am more concerned with reaching his heart through you than making you feel good about what he is doing with it.

That was a hard lesson for me. I have to trust what I know…all I have belongs to God. When he calls me to make a withdrawal from His checking account that He happens to let me have signature privileges on, I better do it.

I still have a hard time balancing what he wants me to do with the things I desire. I still want an iPhone. I would love to have a Blu-ray player. God wants me to be open to use that money for something else. Be open to His calling on my resources. What is God challenging you with in this area of your spiritual life? I truly believe that my ability to grow is directly connected to how I manage God’s stuff. If I am tight-fisted with it, I have placed a ceiling on what He can use me for. What do you think?

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  1. Good post bro. It’s hard for me to give when I think about what the person’s going to do with the money as well. I heard a speaker once say ” jesus said give to the needy” not worry about what they’re going to do with it, that really convicted me. Good thoughts!!

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