My Dad…

When I look into my kids’ faces, it is hard to believe that I am the father of these two wonderful creatures. I sometimes think about what my qualifications are for this job and I realize that I am, still six years in, vastly under qualified for it. But, if association gives me any life experience credit I feel good about it. I am associated with one of the best dads in the world. My dad showed me what it means to be a man of God and a leader.

My dad came face to face with Jesus Christ in a real way without the benefit of a strong Christian home. And as a father always wants for his kids, he decided that his kids would have all the things he never did. For all the things my dad provided for me that he never had, the most important, life changing one was a home centered on Jesus Christ. My dad has consistently modeled integrity, even in the face of personal hardship. He has modeled Godly leadership and demonstrates what the Bible means, by “elder.” Dad has been a lay leader in our home church for better than 25 years. It is his leadership in our home and our church that drove me into full-time ministry and to give my life to the mission of Christ (my brother is also in full-time ministry and I suspect he would also credit dad for his passion). My dad is a man of God who raised two boys into developing men of God.

Dad, thanks for helping place into me the burning passion of Jesus Christ. It is a gift I can never repay you for.

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