I started Twittering about a month ago. At first, it seemed odd to me. Why would anyone want to know what I am doing during my day. Then I realized the potential for what it can be. As I began to follow other Christian leaders I got a great amount of insight into how they arrange their days. I pray that my Twitter could do the same. Not just for other leaders, but also for the people God has entrusted us with. I think that Twitter, in a tech-geeky way, has the potential to gives us back some of of our influence through daily interactions that has been lost in lack of proximity. Nothing can replace face to face, but since our circumstances have dwindled our ability to do as much face to face as in the past, Twitter is a start!

If you don’t Twitter, maybe you should consider it! It is a great way to get a glimpse into leaders lives.

If you aren’t following me…you can, here.

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