Monday Blog Love – Forget Me Not Ministries

Forget Me Not Ministries

Today’s blog love goes to Forget Me Not Ministries. Forget Me Not is a mission to the abandoned children of Romania. A friend of ours, Rachel Ross started FMN out of her passion to see the abandoned gypsy children of Romania find love and resources to help them reach their God-given potential. Rachel has leveraged her passion for these children into a ministry to meet these needs.

FMN has a large house and land in Tinca, Romania, (working in the gypsy village where so many of the abandoned babies had been coming from) where they plan to expand and build a 25,000 sq. ft. daycare (running 24/7) able to house 200 babies, children, and at-risk youth.

Katie and I decided to leverage what God has trusted us with by sponsoring a child in her ministryForget Me Not Ministries specifically. We were very excited this week to received our sponsorship information from Rachel. This is Abel. He is five and his parents abandoned him, along with his brother, last summer. They live with their grandparents who have declared that the boys are cursed and treat them accordingly. I am excited to send letters to Abel and help him become all God wants him to be.

It blows me away that people abandoned their children. The very ones Christ called to himself are being abandoned all over the world. Can you help Rachel and her staff show the love of God by sponsoring a child? Will you join us?

One response to “Monday Blog Love – Forget Me Not Ministries”

  1. Oh my gosh, it just tears me up when I hear about parents abandoning their precious children. Wow. I just can’t imagine! This little guy looks like such a charmer! My hubby and I just sponsored our first child this year. When we were going through the childrens picture to sponsor, I came across a pack that were set to the side. I asked the worker why they were set aside and he said it was because those particular children were over the age of 12 and most people only wanted cute younger ones. I picked a boy out of that pile right away. Congrats on sponsoring this child! I’m sure he appreciates every single bit of contact he has with you!

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