wibo – Ed Stetzer

Notes from Ed Stetzer, Director of Lifeway Research:

– Through doubt to faith.

– John 14

– Conferences sometimes are ministry pornography…an unrealistic depiction of an experience you’re never going to have.

– “Don’t ask, just do” is where we lead people if we don’t communicate our doubt.

– the Prosperity Gospel doesn’t make it past the 1st tragedy.

– God is not afraid of your questions.

– John 20

– God doesn’t promise us the answers, He promises His presence.

– Saying, “I don’t know” to an unbeliever is not a sign of spiritual immaturity, it is a sign of spiritual maturity.

– Jesus doesn’t always speak happiness, but He always speaks peace.

– There is no second hand religion.

– Jesus = Lord = Calls the shots in my life

– My Lord, My God!

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