How the Gordon’s Went Green

OK, so maybe not so green, but we’re getting there.  I haven’t always been too concerned about the mark I was leaving on our planet.  No one who knows me would classify me as a tree-hugger. Yet, as I look around and study God’s Word, I have gotten a better understanding of the word stewardship.  How I take care of the little I am responsible for on this planet reflects how much I can be trusted by God for other things.  The other thing I have realized is that not only am I responsible for how I personally impacted creation, I am leaving a legacy to my kids.  I have a responsibility not just to be a good steward of God’s creation, but also of God’s resources.


This week Katie and I are trying out our new pilot program to save fuel.  I made arrangements over the weekend for our daughter Abbie to begin to ride the school bus instead of driving her back and forth to school.  That simple change keeps my car off the roads except two days per week.  The school corporation is already burning fuel whether I do or not, so why not take advantage of it.  Also, this morning, Katie tested the city bus system.  She took the bus to work.  Now she will only be taking our son Peyton to daycare by car two days per week.  Combined, that only puts us on the roads burning fuel 4 days for a grand total of 34 miles.  We are trying to be more conscious of how we make trips to the store and to run errands.  We are trying to combine all the stops while we are out and about.

Honestly, the event that started this process was rising gas prices.  As I got to thinking about how we impact the environment, I realized that all of this is about stewardship, not just the money, but the God given resources we have been given.

How can you be a better steward of ALL God has given you?

2 responses to “How the Gordon’s Went Green”

  1. You are lucky that you have a public transportation system that can help you do this. There are lots of ways you can take care of the earth, walk more, use library books, recycle everything you can, start a compost heap….etc.

  2. Hurray for green! 🙂 One thing that is SOOOO easy to do is to replace your lightbulbs! All the lights in our old house had the energy efficient light bulbs and in this house we’re about halfway there. Although they take a few seconds to warm up, it’s totally great and not only do they save energy, they save money! You can by a big pack of them at Sam’s and just start replacing! Easy!

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