Turning – Conclusions

David and Saul were drastically different people.  Now that I am finished making obvious statements…

God had selected David to be king, replacing Saul for a reason.  Saul saw his position as King as the end all.  He was it.  He had arrived.  David on the other hand understood his role as a servant of the Most High.  And outside of his limited indiscretions, David remained faithful.

The thing that struck me about David’s confrontation with the truth was that God said to David that he had given him everything Saul had and he would have given him more if it was too little.  It was like God was saying, “Man, all you had to do was ask and I would have given you more blessings.”  It is just like us to go out searching for “what we need” when all we have to do is ask God to give us what we need.  When I need turned around by the truth, it is because I have mistaken my voice for God’s.

There is a mental picture that I get when I think about how this whole thing with God works in my life.  There is this throne that is beautifully adorned with jewels and God made it.  He made it just for me.  It is me.  That throne is where He sits in my life, but only if I let him.  There have been times in my life where I have politely (and some not so) asked him to vacate the premises.  I took over.  I mistook my voice for his in my life.  It took someone or something reminding me of what HIS voice sounded like…and guess what?  It doesn’t sound anything like mine.  It is at that point that I have to crawl down off the throne (which by the way doesn’t fit me, this throne is huge and I couldn’t ever expect to fill it) and invite him back onto his rightful place in my life.  David understood that although his title was King and sometimes he tried to sit on the throne, he didn’t really belong there.  That was God’s place.  Saul never got it.  He had the title and the power and it was his.

We have to decide which type of person we want to be.  One self-centered and pompous or although imperfect, one who understands God’s power and position.  One that understands that there is turning to do at times and with that turning comes grace.

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