In my life I find myself going on my own power.  I make decisions and walk through moments and days of my life on my own, without consulting God.  As a pastor, I find it horrible to even say.  But, we all have been there.
For me, when I get turned around, I need someone I trust to speak truth into my life.  It is kind of like the voice on the navigation system in your rental car.  When you rent a car with a navigation system and choose to use it, you are allowing that voice to speak truth into your directions.  It doesn’t make much sense to turn on the system and then ignore it.  It takes a high level of trust in someone else to allow him or her to speak that type of truth into your life.  But, it is a necessary level of community with another person if we are going to walk with Christ and turn in the right direction.
I am reminded of two people in the Old Testament who both had people that God sent to speak truth into their lives and we see two distinct reactions.  Tomorrow, I will dive into example number one…King Saul.

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