Ok so yesterday we had finished up our two worship services and were headed out to lunch with some friends.  I knew I was in the beginning stages of a sinus thing and since our temps made a 30 degree dip in the last two days It was inevitable.  Sidebar…earlier in the day my lovely wife had thought maybe I needed a pick-me-up and stopped by Starbucks for me.  I had already brewed some of my own earlier.  Ok, so I finished up my chicken chimi and two Pibb extras’  and was sitting talking to Max, our Children’s Minister, when I felt my heart flutter and then it became difficult to take a deep breath.  I thought, “ah chicken chimi, must be heartburn.”  

Got home, took an acid reducer and laid down for a nap.  Then around 3:30pm I hopped up to use the restroom.  Next thing I remember my wife was helping me off the floor of the bathroom and my heart was pounding uncontrollably.  

After two EKG’s, a CT scan, one bag of saline, two blood draws and 6 hours of being observed, I am home, doing fine.  Just a freak incident.  Very scary.  Scared the heck out of my beautiful wife who really did think she might be losing her husband yesterday.  Scary for my two kids who haven’t seen their dad in a day. Sidebar…This is what Christian community is all about.  Max and Dena, from our Life Group, gladly took in our kids and kept them overnight, no questions asked.  We needed community last night.  

Please be praying.  I am scheduled for a heart echo at the cardiologist tomorrow, where they will shoot me with adrenaline and make my heart race in order to see what happens.  Nothing like being a lab rat!

I really did enjoy my last chicken chimi of my life yesterday…today we start eating differently.

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