Weekend Recap

Here is a rundown of the fantastic weekend we had:

– Got to go out with my beautiful wife again Friday night…this time for Cold Stone Creamery.
– Saturday I slept in for the first time in about 6 months (no kids for the week).
– Celebrated with some great friends and partners in ministry on their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  Ed & Marge have a great spiritual legacy in their family and one of ministry as well.  Their grandson is a youth pastor in Waukesha, WI (we are alum of the same Bible college).  Their grandson Kyle helped them renew their vows.  Congrats Ed & Marge, we love you!
–  Saturday night, went out with my wife again.  Dang, getting spoiled.  This time to McAlister’s Deli.
– This morning I had the amazing opportunity to bring God’s Word to our people.  It was AWESOME!  Great feedback came in out my message.  In our 11:15am service, 8 people came forward to ask for prayer and help to get out of the pit!  God was working in the lives of our people today!
– Now I am relaxing watching Sunday Night Baseball, YEAH!  Baseball’s back!  Time to unwind.

Praise God for great weekends like this one!

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