Writing, Writing, Writing…

Well friends the light is getting brighter(come to the light my child). I am now 84% complete and I am right on schedule. I have some revisions to make on previous sections, but the writing is almost finished.

I am looking forward to next week. My kids are spending some time with the grandparents. My wife and I will be having a much needed date night and I will get to catch up on some much anticipated reading! Vince Antonucci, your book is next on my reading list! Ed Stetzer, be ready, your book, “Comeback Churches,” is immediately following Vince’s book.

Next week will be topped off with me having the privilege of bringing the Word to our people here! I am excited beyond belief for my message next weekend. Note to Perry Noble…I am ripping off your idea for one message on being “Stuck.” Thanks so much for your prayers. Please continue to pray for me as I wrap up this busy season!

Dang, I have done a ton of name dropping in this post! Sorry boys! I guess that makes me a name-dropper.

2 responses to “Writing, Writing, Writing…”

  1. hey, this is vince. bring it on man, prepare to have your life changed! okay, maybe not, we’ll see. but seriously, i hope you enjoy the book and get a lot out of it. there’s also a web site (www.lousytshirtbook.com) where you can get all kinds of (free!) materials for churches (or youth groups) that want to do a series on it; you can get sermons, small group studies, videos, graphics, etc. so enjoy your time with your wife! – vince

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