The BIG 3-0…

680169_birthday_cake.jpgWell, today’s the day!  I am 30 today.  The day started off in an awesome way…with my wife and kids singing happy birthday to me around the breakfast table.  I wouldn’t want to be turning 30 with any other person in the world than my beautiful wife!  I believe that this is the 13th birthday I have spent with her.  She is my high school sweetheart, love of my life, and partner in ministry!  I love you, Kate.  Thanks for making my birthday so special.

3 responses to “The BIG 3-0…”

  1. Can you believe we’ve hit the big 3-0! Seriously…only a few more months for me. It seems like only yesterday you were singing Cotton Eyed Joe…


    That was the stupidest song ever…but surprisingly fun to sing. 🙂

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