Starbucks Break…

I have to take a break today from Jonah for a cup of Starbucks!

normal_starbucks-logo-rgb.jpgI read on Starbuck’s website late last week about how Howard Schultz has come back as CEO and has begun to shake things up.  One of the ways he is making an immediate impact is by undertaking an unprecedented retraining process for all coffee employees.  Coming up one week from today, every U.S. store will close at 5:30pm to undertake an educational opportunity for all employees that will, “provide them with the tools and resources they need to exceed the expectations of our customers,” as Schultz puts it.  

This is exactly why I love Starbucks.  They are committed to making sure that their product is consistent and the experience is the priority.  Too many times our people get comfortable in what they believe and how they behave, especially to non-Christians.  What if we brought everyone in for a training, to make sure that we were aligned on the vision, the reason we are here?  I know some of you are doing this every month.  What is your church doing to “retrain” your leadership?  I would love to hear it!

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