Are We Considering Our Listeners?

I am in the process of finishing my research project for my master’s degree.  I was reading an article this afternoon about learning styles and specifically, the affect of structures and assumptions by the learner that build barriers to hearing and applying the learning.  The idea was that people’s circumstances play a part in if and how they learn.

What I take from that is this…Sometimes we have to help people understand and cope with their circumstances so they will hear us.  How do we do that?

1. Teach relevant messages.
If we aren’t keeping an ear to the ground in our community, specifically our community of faith, how do we help our people make Godly sense out of their circumstances?

2. Offer care groups.
Offer groups that specifically help people cope with their issues.  Don’t be afraid to dive into people’s muck.

3. Be authentic.
People need to know they aren’t the only ones who struggle with issues.  Holier than thou makes you irrelevant to thou.  Don’t be afraid to talk about where you’ve been and how Christ helped you out of the muck.  Remember my post on stories.  Stories stick.  Use ’em.  Not just yours but success stories of your people (please get permission first, better yet, have them tell their story in a video interview).

Bottom line…If someone comes into our community with the idea that God gives riches to those he loves and they are poor, we have some work to do in dealing with that circumstantial misconception of God.  More than likely, we will have to deal with that issue before they will even hear us out on anything else.  It only happens with GOD’S power.   These three areas only work in God’s power.  I can’t just stand up there and teach on my own and make a difference.  He takes it and uses it to change people.

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