You Will Be Disappointed…

As a Christian leader, it always frustrates me when people complain and whine about issues surrounding the church.  Over the last several weeks, our leadership thought it prudent to cancel our weekend services due to bad weather conditions.  It was our leaders’ intention to keep the best interests of our people in mind when making these decisions…yet, people were mad that we didn’t have worship.  We hear all the time, “I was in the hospital and no one came to see me.”  Complaints are commonplace.  We hear them all the time.  We don’t set out to make people mad.  We don’t sit in our offices trying to think up ways to tick people off.  I am in no way making excuses.  There are somethings that we need to evaluate and do a better job at.  But, I have also seen the benefits of being involved in a close, accountable group that takes care of each other.  People in our life groups here at BLCC tell me that they don’t know what they ever did without the love and care that they receive in a group.  We are seeing people rally around one another during times of difficulty.  It is when we are most vulnerable that we are most blessed by someone’s love.  Kathy Guy, Director of Community for Granger, says, “I remind other church leaders that if people aren’t in relationships, the church is going to disappoint them. Period.At the same time, I am responsible for care at GCC. I love the privilege of serving in this role! Really! I hate to fail, and yet, I do. Regularly. Someone is hurt. Disappointed. On the flip side, many are helped, loved, and cared for. It’s amazing!The reality for all in leadership roles whether volunteer or staff is this: Pray for peace to accept that people will experience hurt, courage to create environments where people can reach out to one another, and the wisdom to know the difference.”People come to us with the expectation that things will always be as they like them.  I have come to realize that people don’t always understand what is best for them.  So, through change, we often offend people.  The more we teach the more we should challenge ourselves to take the focus off of ourselves and look at the needs of others.

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