Reflections on Real Life…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit my brother’s ministry locale, Real Life Church.   Real Life is a church plant of about 7 years old.  It is amazing to me the growing pains RLC has had in the time that my brother has been with them.  They are now in the process of building their first facility.  Those of you in ministry know the problems that accompany the building process in more accommodating locations, but here in Southern California, the issues are much more complicated.  Just finding land is a huge obstacle.

They have spent most of their lives in a movie theater, where they encountered many issues with management over the years.  Some weeks the management was accommodating, some weeks not.  Over the course of time, the theater became less of a feasible option.  The theater was becoming an obstacle to their continued growth.  About 8 weeks ago, they moved into a high school and have seen the numbers of new people impacted increase dramatically.

What I really love about Real Life and Granger, which I will talk about later this week, is that they listen to God and try to follow Him where He leads.  So many churches just do what they do, regardless of whether it fits into the plan God has for them.  Not Real Life.  They are willing to inconvenience themselves to do God’s work here.  After the worship experience, I witnessed a group of probably 100 people begin to slowly, but methodically dismantle the equipment for another week.  Some of these same people had been at the school since 4am, setting up for the service.  The leadership of Real Life don’t just follow vision, they lead people to it.  These people love God and love what He is doing through Real Life.  They are dedicated to see other people fall in love with Christ through Real Life just as they did.

Real Life Church is one of those unique churches that really get it.

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