Please Don’t Check Your Brain at the Door

373760_brains.jpg373760_brains.jpg373760_brains.jpg373760_brains.jpgAll of us have heard people say, “Christianity is all about checking your brain at the door.” I don’t agree with that phrase for reasons that I may get into in a post down the road, but in the realm of leading others, we can never check our brains at the door.

I had a volunteer that works with students ask me recently about a housing situation for an upcoming trip we are taking our students on. I won’t get into the specifics, but it had to do with gender issues and hotel rooms. If we checked our brains and experience at the door in decision making, we would be left to deal with the aftermath of bad choices in dealing with people and ministries. We would never be able to set people up for success. In my specific example, we talked through the scenerio and all the possible outcomes for each option. We settled on one that set everyone up for success.

Thinking is key. So many leaders make decisions with impulse. We have to wrap our minds around the scenerios and make the best decision to set people up for success. NOW…sometimes people don’t know what success looks like and we have to be ready to do what’s best for everyone, even if that small group of people who can’t define success disagree.

Join me in reintroducing yourself to a good, reliable friend…your brain.

One response to “Please Don’t Check Your Brain at the Door”

  1. Jason, the Christian brain exercising web site is which is Ravi Zacharias, of course…perhaps the greates living apologist. You can listen to his brilliant radio programs there.
    Also, have you seen the Focus on the Family “Truth Project” yet? Let me know…especially if you haven’t got it yet. I went with Ralph Adams to the training in Louisville. It’s created in response to the Barna study that reported that only 9% of born again Christians have a Biblical World View.

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