Christmas in Disguise: Week 1

Sunday night, we kicked off a brand new, two week Christmas series with your students. "Christmas in Disguise" is designed to talk about the stuff we don't often talk about around the holidays - the messy stuff. It is all about those awkward moments that don't feel much like the hope and joy that Jesus … Continue reading Christmas in Disguise: Week 1


Just One Time…

...I'd like someone to tell me the truth. "It's probably not going to be better tomorrow." "This is gonna hurt for a long time." "This may be exactly where God wants you to be." That's why I really like my counselor. He's a truth-teller. He doesn't mince words or sugarcoat. He shoots straight. He says … Continue reading Just One Time…


We all love credit. We are immersed in a culture that is padding and polishing our resumes.  We make sure our accomplishments are credited to our "account" in work and in our relationships. I really started thinking after I read Lindsey Nobles' post yesterday about tallies and read this: But one thing is clear. I have a … Continue reading Credit