FAQ | How can I help?

Parenting teens is hard work. When I was 22 years old, fresh out of Bible College, I lived in this dream world. I remembered my not long abandoned teen years like some dream sequence in a movie. In this dream, I was a perfect child. My parents never had to discipline me and I never … Continue reading FAQ | How can I help?

Singling Out

I never realized how hard it was to be a part of the Church as a single adult until I went through a divorce and became one. When I worked full-time on church staffs, I honestly never thought about our programming implications for singles. We programmed for families, marrieds, even seniors but never singles. Looking … Continue reading Singling Out


Are you like me? By "like me" I mean, white. Are you like me? By "like me" I mean, have always gone to a mostly white church? Are you like me? By "like me" I mean, I'm no longer ok with it. What are we gonna do about the most segregated hour of the week?